ICG® Wattrate Power 1

Online Certification

Article number: 8008003

Credit points:

  • AFAA: 8.0
  • NASM: 0.8

Available manual languages: English, Deutsch, Pусский, español, français, portuguesa, عربى, 简体中文

This accredited module covers essential information relating to the understanding of working with Power and how to deliver training programs and classes that create fitter, faster, stronger cyclists.
  • What Power is?
  • Why we need it?
  • Power and training zones
  • Why and how do we use Power?
  • The limitations of Power
  • The advanced aspects of Power
  • The relationship between Power, Heart Rate and RPE
  • Power testing – the start point for programming
  • Power training application – programming a power cycling session
  • Power and it’s relationship to Strength, Speed and Endurance
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