ICG® Basic Level

Online Certification

Артикул: 8008001

Баллы CEC::

  • REPS / CIMSPA: 4.0
  • ACE: 0.8
  • NASM: 0.8

Доступные языки руководства: English, Deutsch, Pусский, español, Türkçe, portuguesa, عربى


The training includes the planning, structuring and practical delivery of performance-oriented beginner classes, including the respective riding techniques, health and safety checks and the appropriate use of music. This certificate entitles to participate in ICG®’s continuing education training programs.
Plan, organize and lead Level 1+2 indoor cycling courses using the 1:1 and 2:1 extensive long interval training methodology

  • 10-point bike setup
  • Put together the right music and pedal speeds for individual course sections
  • Methodology and teaching points of the session structure
  • Correct participants, detect riding errors
  • Select the correct cycling techniques for Level1 and Level 2.
  • Select the correct training zones for each section (heart rate zones)
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