ICG® Coach by Color

Online Certification

Article number: 8008101

Credit points:

  • AFAA: 8.0
  • NASM: 0.8
  • ACE: 0.3

Available manual languages: English, Deutsch, Pусский, español, Türkçe, français, portuguesa, عربى, 简体中文


This accredited module covers essential information relating to teaching with the use of Power, Colored Power Zones and the relationship to creating indoor cycling classes and coaching programs.

  • Why using color to build a training session works for the student and you the coach
  • How to simplify and maximize your power training sessions
  • Why using color engages the student and instantly rewards their effort
  • How to establish your Coach by Color® Functional Threshold Power ‘anchor point’
  • How to develop the key Coach by Color® coaching skill set required for an individual and group session
  • How to build and deliver cycling drills for specific client training requirements
  • How color can enhance the competitive aspect of team coaching
  • How color can deliver instant feedback on team and individual performance
  • How color sessions improve student experience and build team spirit
  • How to build Strength, Speed and Endurance HIIT drills
  • How to deliver a HIIT drill using the Coach by Color® Functional Threshold Power format
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