ICG® Myride the Ergogenic Effect

Online Certification

Артикул: 8008104

Баллы CEC::

  • REPS / CIMSPA: 4.0
  • NASM: 0.4
  • ACE: 0.4

Доступные языки руководства: English, portuguesa

This accredited module covers essential information relating to the efficacy of combining music and video to influence sports performance and how the advancement of communication technologies enable these interventions to be easily implemented in a fitness setting.
  • A grounded theory of the use of music, real world video footage, computer generated gaming imagery and principles applied in fitness equipment and group exercise disciplines
  • The impact of altering music tempo and intensity on students’ emotional, affective and behavioural responses
  • The relationship between music, forward motion imagery in identifying the neural origins of the experiential phenomena
  • The role of motorneuron excitability in the physiological, emotional and behavioural responses experienced in the combined experience of music and forward motion video
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