Global ICG® Instructor Club Support


What are the requirements to become an ICG® Global Instructor Club member?

  • You should be an active indoor cycling trainer, but you don’t need an ICG® Certification to be part of the Global ICG® Instructor Club. However, we recommend that you attend regular training courses in order to keep your knowledge up to date.

What benefits do I get from becoming a member of the ICG® Global Instructor Club?

How many music compilations do I get per membership year?

  • Up to 6 music compilations

Can I use the music made available to me by the ICG® Global Instructor Club in my cycling courses?

  • The music compilations are licensed for commercial use for cycling courses and you can use them freely only for this purpose.

Does my membership end automatically or do I have to cancel it?

  • The trial membership expires automatically after four weeks.

  • The annual membership (12 months) is extended by a further 12 months after the end of a year, if membership is not terminated by one of the parties, with a period of at least 4 weeks before the end of the contract term.

What advantages do I have as a member with the ICG® App?

  • As a member of the Global ICG® Instructor Club you will receive three free workouts (30min, 45min and 60min), created by the international ICG® Master Trainer team, which can be found directly in your ICG® App under "Workouts > Global ICG® Instructor Club".


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